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YouTube Tuesday: Music to my ears

It’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time for another round of YouTube Tuesday. And another chance for you to share your favourite videos in the comments.

Here’s my contribution.

If you read this and you don’t post your own video in the comments (using the little youtube link on the top right of the comment box (you just have to post the URL to the video not the embed code)) it’s like I’ve put my hand up for a high five and you’ve left me hanging. Not cool.

YouTube Tuesday: Reader favourites

Right. I should have posted this earlier. But today was Annual Report deadline day. I was busy.

Now is your chance to post your all time favourite YouTube videos in the comments for all to see.

It shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll put one there (you’ll have to click on the comments link to see it).

YouTube Tuesday: Video by request

Hey peoples.

I want to try something new this week.

My new commenting platform, IntenseDebate (which you should try out) gives you the ability to add your own YouTube videos.

So I’m thinking that rather than post my own YouTube video this week you should all post your favourites. I’ll put a post up. I may even put my own favourite video in the comments. And then you can all go nuts.

If it works I might occasionally have a YouTube Tuesday category like music or something funny… I’m not holding high hopes. Because most of you are pretty slack at commenting (based on the ratio of regular visitors v commenters).

Here’s a couple of samples…