YouTube Tuesday: Reader favourites

Right. I should have posted this earlier. But today was Annual Report deadline day. I was busy.

Now is your chance to post your all time favourite YouTube videos in the comments for all to see.

It shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll put one there (you’ll have to click on the comments link to see it).


Nathan says:

That one was from Improv Everywhere. All you need to do to post a video is click on the Embed Video link up there on the right hand corner of the comment box and paste the regular URL (not the embed code)… Here's another Improv Everywhere video.

[youtube dkYZ6rbPU2M youtube]

@cafedave says:

I thought this one was very cool. Give it 30 seconds to get going

Dave says:

Two phrases: "rocket powered driverless lorry" and "pool of burning jet fuel". Enough said.

[youtube 1mHtOW-OBO4 youtube]