YouTube Tuesday: Video by request

Hey peoples.

I want to try something new this week.

My new commenting platform, IntenseDebate (which you should try out) gives you the ability to add your own YouTube videos.

So I’m thinking that rather than post my own YouTube video this week you should all post your favourites. I’ll put a post up. I may even put my own favourite video in the comments. And then you can all go nuts.

If it works I might occasionally have a YouTube Tuesday category like music or something funny… I’m not holding high hopes. Because most of you are pretty slack at commenting (based on the ratio of regular visitors v commenters).

Here’s a couple of samples…


Amy says:

I think there has been a drop in comments because the new system is intimidating. And seems to eat the comments. And doesn't display that you have commented.

Not to mention the embarrassment of having your comment displayed out of context on the main page.

Nathan says:

I'm not sure the rate of comments has dropped.

The comment system does take some getting used to, and I'm ironing out the eaten comments – you had two flagged as spam for some reason – your comment, now that moderation has been turned off, should appear as soon as you hit submit.

If they don't, and the box clears, your comment is probably being held as spam. I'll find it.

Nathan says:

I'll reconsider the out of context positioning of comments – though that isn't really a new feature, it's just a slightly more prominent element of the design.

I had something like it happening before I installed IntenseDebate. The best way to make sure your comment comes through is to set up an IntenseDebate account or use the login options next to the "submit" button.

Amy says:

It only used to display that you had commented, not what you said previously.

Not going to set up another account – too many passwords to remember already!

Nathan says:

You should be able to use one of your existing accounts – like Twitter or Facebook.