Blog By Email version 1

This is the coolest invention ever. Cooler than sliced bread. Cooler than any of those other time saving devices dreamed up (somewhat ironically) by people with too much time on their hands. I can write an email from anywhere to my blog and it gets posted. Mattias asked why I thought that was cool. Well Mattias, let me tell you why it’s so cool. It makes writing a blog entry heaps easier. I can do it in about half the time. You’ll notice my reason here has changed since this was originally posted.

It’s 5.30 now, and I’m still at work. This is actually a test email because I’m not sure my emails are working. I guess there are other things I could be doing at 5.30 in the afternoon, because there are always new bits and pieces to write about Townsville. It’s a happening place.

In fact you should all move to Townsville. Every one of my readers (that’s right, all two of you). (I think that kind of feels a bit like I’ve done some work now).

I don’t really have a lot to blog about today… except the fact that I’m happily declaring myself a hypocrite. I knew all those years of bagging out couples for being couples would come back to haunt me.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a defamation case involving a NSW politician Michael Costa. He’s suing a radio station for airing a claim that he paid a visit to a lady of the night. That case got a mention in the papers yesterday – but a new and different case piqued my interest. TV host Ian Turpie, the luminary host of such classics as The Price is Right. Apparently Machiavelli was right, every man has his price*… for Turpie it took a few dollars to claim that he was suffering impotency – he was taken to court for faking it. My question is – does he now launch a defamation action to defend his impotency? Sounds like he’s between a rock and a hard place… or not. Sorry. That was bad. In fact this whole post was fairly gratuitous. I’m just enjoying my new toy (actually it’s not really a toy – more a convenient shift in technology).

*as quoted in A Man For All Seasons


The Grammar Nazi says:

I knew all those years of bagging out couples for being couples would come back to haunt me.

I sooooooooooo know exactly what you mean.

miriam says:

Attn Robyn… As a dear cousin of Nathan, I feel it my duty to approach you to help me convert the boy to the greater sport of Rugby Union.

I think that you would have more influence in this area, given the current circumstances, wink, wink.

Your thoughts?

Leah says:

No… Nathan, convert to Rugby? Never!! It’s League all the way… >_>

*scowls at the Cowboys*

Joel says:

I think you should all start watching a game that involves some semblence of talent like AFL. And I don’t want to hear anything about short shorts and singlets. If all you can do is criticise what they wear, then you prove my point all the more.

miriam says:

AFL is worse than just bad shorts and singlet-tops! It is a combination of netball and basketball with kicking added.

Besides a ruck in Union is much more exciting than what AFL uses the term for.

RjB says:

Attn Miriam:

Re: Nathan’s conversion to the superior sport of rugby.

That should not be a problem. Stay tuned for a positive outcome :)

jo says:

PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE: Was anyone listening to TripleJ friday night? there is a song that features on a tv ad (but i cant remember what ad) it sounds kind of latin-ish and it played on the super request show the other night. it is stuck in my head but i dont know the words. anyone got any clues as to what i’m talking about?

mel says:

That’s a pretty vague description jo, If you humm it to me when i see ya, maybe i could guess.

With regards to the AFL/Union debate. You have to admit the guys that play AFL are way better looking than union/league. They actually have necks & they have faces that aren’t bashed in. (not that I’m really a fan of any football) Miriam – what are you implying about netball? It’s a fantastic sport. I hope your cousin – our “captain maddie” didn’t read that. :)

miriam says:


As a former netballer, i’m not knocking Netball, just making an observation.

Re. necks and faces comment. Proves the point that AFL players are pretty boys (…girls). Union sorts the men out from the boys – the men end up in Union, the boys in League and the remnants in AFL.

madd says:

I have molded your name with robyn’s so you can be like those famous couples ie. TomKat, JollyPitt..or whatever. Here are your choices

Natburt, Robcam, Cam&Burt(pronounced like the cheese). My favourite is the last one…but you can take your pick.

Joel says:

Tsk Tsk Miriam, its quite clear you are unaware or just how hard a game AFL actually is. It is a game of great endurance and strenght.

GPS tracking of Ben Cousins (a mid-fielder for west coast eagles) showed that he moved on average 40 kms a match. Most other mid fielders would do similar. The ground is so big that you have to have that kind of fittness and endurance. Not like your nancy Union boys who come off every 15 minutes to rest.

People talk about union being a much harder game physically because the tackles are harder etc. This is garbage. AFL tackles are just as hard, its just that they have the brains and skills to avoid being tackled. Also the tacklers are much more skillful. One man has to tackle one other man and keep the ball locked into the tackle. Not like those nancy union boys who take about 6 men to complete a tackle and a ruck just to get the ball out.

AFL players are also much more aware. A tackle can come from anywhere in the field, a full 360 degrees. Rugby players have about 20 degress of the feild to worry about…and they still get tackled! In fairness though, there are 6 people there to tackle them.

So I would sort out things differently. AFL takes the intellegent, aware and coordinated men, league and union take the dumb brutes who know 3 words: catch, run and tackle.

Nathan says:

Ahh but Joel – your tackling argument is flawed – the 360 degrees of legal tackling space is smaller in surface area than the legal tackling area in league or union. AFL fans make a big deal about how tough AFL is based on the jersey punch. At this point I’m going to accidently defend union and point out that I’d rather have someone grab my shirt and hit me than stomp on my head.

League of course is a higher impact sport in terms of tackling – I’d rather be tackled by Ben Cousins than just about any league player… and I don’t watch sport to see a bunch of skinny men in short shorts and long socks running 40km in a big oval. That sounds a bit like a mardi gras parade to me. I want to see people getting hurt.

Nathan says:

Catch, run and tackle is still one more concept to remember than catch and kick… AFL has no place in this debate. I’d rather argue the merits of lacrosse, or polo, or croquet than have to explain to an AFL fan why their sport is only played in one country. (I understand that Union is a more “international” game than league… but then they do have Georgia and Namibia playing in their world cup)

miriam says:

Now, now Joel…

Firstly, I think you’re getting a little confused with the 40kms – that’s how far Ben ran from the police…

Union boys aren’t called ‘Nancy’ and they usually stay on for a full game. The exceptions to this are: blood bins, injuries, sin bins, strategic moves.

‘avoid being tackled’… Ah, this proves my point – not manly enough to be able to take the tackle and thus, have to run away from the opposition ;) (Am a little new to these little ’emoticons’ or whatever they are called – i hope that’s a wink?)

Joel says:

Isn’t the idea of Union also to get away from your opposition and not to get tackled? I mean if you particularly like being pulled to the ground by big guys and then having more big guys jumping on top of you, then maybe the Mardi Gras IS the place for you.

And Nathan, I’m not quite sure I understand your argument about smaller surface area for tackling. The AFL field is more than twice the size of a union/league field and tacklers can legally come from anywhere, so how is it a smaller area to come from?

Anonymous says:

People let me enlighten you. All of the games are pretty boring when it comes down to it………so really football is about eyecandy…….and when we are talking eyecandy I am afraid AFL players are by far the sexiest!!!!!!!!! Take Simon Black for example. However i must admit that one thing going against this statement is Aker

Nathan says:

Sorry Joel, I meant legal surface area on the tackled player – in league and union you can hit anywhere but the head – in AFL you can hit nowhere but the torso.

League tackles can come from behind, even though they generally come from the front, which means league players have to be able to take a tackle anywhere, anytime (and by any time I mean when they have the ball).

Leah says:

I have to agree with anonymous when it comes to the appearance of players from each of the football codes. (Though you can’t really call AFL “football”… and I would say something similar for Union except I think I may almost be outnumbered on this blog.)

miriam says:

Ben Tune, Taine Randall, Richie McGaw, Matt Burke, Matt Giteau – oh, be still my beating heart.

Rugby Union boys are easy on the eye*…

*With the possible (emphasis on possible), exception of some front row players.

matt says:

I’d prefer to hear from actual players about what they enjoy about their particular game – I think that would add more to this discussion.


Tim says:

I played AFL and Rugby league and as a foward it sucks playing league- here catch the ball and run into a wall of people who are trying cause as much brain damage as possible. You can have no idea and just keep your legs moving forward and if you have good people around you- you look like a star. Where as AFL if you have no idea it quickly becomes obvious. Also you have to be a lot fitter to play AFL as for league unless you are making a tackle or actually running the ball foward you move at a slow jog. Also the games of AFL are almost twice as long.

Nathan says:

Twice as long does not equal twice as good…

Justin hodges says:

I like afl cos i don’t have to use me brains

justin again.. says:

oh that’s right.. I’m a league boy

simon black says:

I like afl cos it doesn’t mess up my beautical complexion. I use oil of olay.

King Wally says:

League was just a way of getting me on TV. My ambition was always to be a star!! Now look at me!