Joe Blogs

I don’t really have anything significant to blog about today. Or in fact ever. But I need to write a post to draw your attention to the fact that Mr Joseph Y Wee has entered the “blogosphere” with style. I am sure Joe’s blog will be a worthy read. Here’s what he has to say about the site:

“Fundamentally this blog will be about the things that I enjoy. Cruelty to animals, George W Bush, and economic imperialism. I will occasionally dabble in other interesting topics such as decoupage and other arts and crafts.”

Please hesitate to make your way over to Joe’s site. I’m sure you’ll be mildly appalled.

In other news, Kevin Rudd was in Townsville yesterday, and in fact, in our office. His hair is very grey. Almost white.

We went Christmas light viewing last night. Christmas light viewing is up there in my top ten list of the least appealing things about Christmas. That’s a pretty big call given that there are lots of things about Christmas that don’t necessarily appeal to me.


DanielS says:

Coincidentally, this particular Joe Blogs probably knows another “JoBloggs

Also, I’m looking forward to the Jessica Rowe v Sarah Murdoch analysis from you.

Anonymous says:

what’s there to analyse? Sarah Murdoch beats Jessica Rowe handsdown. I’m undecided about whether it is a good thing that Jessica Rowe is pregnant. On the one hand (my selfish side) says “Yes, it is good, because now I can go back to watching the Today show”. On the other hand, there is soon to be a human being that will be dependent on Jessica Rowe for their survival, and whose life will be significantly influenced by her. Surely that is not a good thing. Also, with Sharyn Ghidella (the greatest FEMALE newreader in the world). I remember the days when Nathan was on Briz31 – and I am still undecided on who is my favourite (Sharyn or Nathan), oh i didn’t finish that Sharyn sentence… with Sharyn Ghidella moving to QLD, I don’t need to watch the Today Show anymore, which takes a few more points of the side for “good” for Jessica Rowe’s pregnancy. Anyway – I am enjoying a “Jessica Rowe Free” Today show, and I hope she doesn’t come back. Sarah Murdoch wins. This says more about Jessica Rowe than it does Sarah…. I think it is quite an achievement to find someone that is more annoying than Jessica Rowe. Maybe Hillary Clinton (but that’s only because she’s a Democrat).