Rubbed out

Like millions (well hundreds and thousands (the number, not the little colourful balls of sugar)) of others I’ve been hotly anticipating the hotly anticipated new Thom Yorke solo album, The Eraser. So today… upon its release… I bought it. And I listened to it. And now, here are my thoughts.

This album is slightly more avant garde than any of Radiohead’s work (for the uninitiated and uninterested, Thom Yorke is the singer from Radiohead). The music is a series of syncopated and sometimes rhythmic noises. With very little musical quality whatsoever. Except, and this is a big exception, for Thom Yorke’s voice. I’ve decided I could happily listen to Thom Yorke sing over any noise in the world. It wouldn’t make me happy, because Thom Yorke is a very melancholy kind of guy. But it would be a pleasurable experience nonetheless. He also writes lyrics with cool words and concepts. And his cover art is good. There’s my in depth analysis and review of the CD. I was also looking forward to the release of Muse’s new album. But it wasn’t available at Wow. I wish Townsville had a JB Hifi. Actually, that would be bad for my bank balance.

Another variation on the rubbed out theme – Steve asked me what I thought the Italian guy said to Zidane in the build up to his send off this morning, and I must confess I did not get up for the World Cup. I set my alarm, but promptly metaphorically threw it at the wall. I actually dropped my phone rather half heartedly on the floor. If Zidane is the typical French creative genius then I imagine it was something along the lines of “Oi, you French poof” which was enough to send my favourite all time player, Eric Cantona into a violent fan directed frenzy (see below) – he’s not my favourite player because he karate kicked a fan in the head. He karate kicked a fan in the head because he’s my favourite player. I’m not sure the logic there worked any better than it did in that trashy teen movie which I won’t admit to viewing. My sisters have a lot to answer for.

My parents, and sister, arrive in Townsville tomorrow – it’s the first time they’ve ever come to stay at “my” house. So I’m inventing all sorts of new house rules… actually I’m tidying my room. Maybe.



Mark says:

Prospective house rules:

Must give appropriate obeisance to the Bob Hawke idol

Nathan’s computer is available, but only for commenting on Nathan’s Blog, from 8am – 5pm weekdays, unless otherwise stated.

No looking for the stuff that was “cleaned up” in any out of the way place.

No swapping of embarrassing stories between family and friends

Mark says:

Which movie was it that you may or may not have viewed?

Nathan says:

I may or may not have viewed Mean Girls. Accidentally of course.

matt says:

My theory is the Italian guy called Zidane a cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Mark says:

Or, “when do you start the advanced hair studio adds?”

donna says:

Make sure you introduce your sister to my brother… i think he needs a nice girlfriend.

jo says:

Mean girls contains some of the most profound lines in the history of movies try this one for example, “I don’t hate you because you’re fat, you’re fat because I hate you” HAAHAHAHAHAHAH Genius!!! I love it! I am even putting my name to this post

jo says:

ps. “the most profound lines” was said tounge-in-cheek. They are’nt really the most profound but they are SOOOOOOOOO funny

Scott says:

Mark, I like those rules, but how much would your parents and sister be invading your room?

Shouldn’t you be focusing more on cleaning the rest of the house – the bits where the people who haven’t developed the immunities will be living?

Donna, any chance you could find someone special for me while I’m in Brisbane? That seems to be the current trend. Leave town(sville) and get a boy/girlfriend.

To all the Brisbanintes – see you soon!

Nathan says:

I’ve got some suggestions for you Scott. But you’d have to bring them back here. For the trend to work that way you need someone to do all the ground work for you anyway.

I’m yet to determine whether the trend works the same when you move from Brisbane to Townsville though.

Anonymous says:

scott, i hear the girls in Brisbane line up in droves for boys who paint their faces like tigers