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Today is an historic day. Not content with my hotmail, gmail, flickr, picasa, blogger, internet banking, ebay and youtube accounts I signed up for social networking site “Facebook” – for those not in the know (and apparently there aren’t many of you out there) – it’s a much more functional and aesthetically pleasing version of MySpace.

I’m now collecting friends. So add me. Here is my profile.

K-Rudd and J-Ho have been making the most of this web 2.0 thing and if they can come to grips with all this new technology, then I – who am practically a luddite by comparison, can do it too.

I promise not to start any online messages with time specific greetings. I can learn from the mistakes of my predecessors.

This whole “time specific” campaign issue could come back to bite K-Rudd on the backside. If I was J-Ho and facing K-Rudd’s shmico “Kevin07” campaign I’d immediately call the election for January 08 – the latest date possible – rendering his entire site useless. In fact, as long as opinion polls reflect an 8 point gap between the parties I see no reason why the Coalition would want to force themselves out of jobs and power any time before they have to.

August 14, 2007

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Leah Maria says:

I’ve determinedly avoided facebook. I already have Bebo, and I have MySpace for the sole reason that more of my friends are there, so I can connect with more people. No reason for me to start anywhere else…

Re: politics, I think Kevin Rudd is an ok guy but his party doesn’t belong in parliament, anyone who votes for Labor just on Rudd’s credentials need their head read. Not to mention, John Howard’s credentials outweigh Rudd’s. The problem with people these days is they don’t know (or don’t remember) the days before Howard when the Australian economy was in recession or when interest rates were at 18%. And now they’re running around crying due to a 0.25% rate rise. People just want Kevin Rudd because they think change is necessary- change to what, they have no idea, they just want change.

Leah Maria says:

“then I – who am practically a luddite by comparison, can do it too”

If you’re going to make punctuation errors, I will pick them up :P

“then I- who am practically a luddite by comparison can do it too”

Nathan says:

the dash transcends laws of punctuation and does not need to be coupled with a second dash

Nathan says:

also – i would have changed the dash to a comma – not the comma to a dash.