Response from Edward

I’m in training at work today so I’ll have to respond later – any suggestions for an occupation will be considered.

My Dear Tobias,
Thank you very much for your response.As you said that you have change your name to Tobias,i want you to know that your percentage will be increase to 30 once we see your seriousness and your effort and act on instructions given in this transaction then this transaction will be completed within few bank working days.Note that i got your contact over the internet while i was looking for someone honest and trustworthy at the sametime capable of assisting me conclude this transaction.

I want to further inform you that this transaction is for real and it would be handled in the most legal way possible.I will further like to provide you with the details and instructions regarding this transaction but i want you to have one thing in mind which is for the smooth success of this transaction honesty must be our watch word.

This deal is a very sensitive business and for this reason, it requires a high level of understanding to go about it because your utmost concern and willingness would go along way to justify the essence of your involvement to realize this objective.Your assistance is needed to fit you in as the true beneficiary/next of kin to claim the said fund and having you as a foreign partner to execute this deal.

Once,i receive this required information that is:
1.Your full name 2.Your private telephone and fax number3.Your address4.Your present occupation

I will process the necessary document that will legally back up the claim of the fund (through the service of an attorney).I would like to also use this opportunity to request for your support at all levels of ensuring that this business come to a successful end.I would therefore want to confide in you that there would be some financial commitments from your part to foresee the processing of this business. I alone cannot be able to handle this on my own because it would require the cooperation of both parties to process this business without any hitch.

I like being sincere in any situation I find myself just to understand other people. I have learned to trust people especially those of the international community. I only want to make you aware of this facts because it is better you understand how this works out.You just have to bear all this in mind and I would therefore, for matter of urgency, require from you, your full cooperation by return mail, your willingness based on the facts given and also, confirm your particulars to enable the lawyer begin the processing of the necessary documentation to effect the transfer.

I have arranged all the necessary modalities to ensure a successful transfer of the fund with utmost assurance based on your full commitment regarding the transaction.At the same time, i have agreed that 25% of the money will be yours after the receipt /confirmation of the money in your designated bank account;5% will be for refund due to any expenses incurred by both parties during the course of the transaction while 70% will be for me . I hope to use mine for investment opportunities when I come over to your country after the deal is successfully completed.

Note that once i confirm your particulars,the lawyer will proceed right away with the processing of the legal documents that will legally present you as the beneficiary to the funds.Be informed that this transaction is 100% risk free.I look forward to your urgent response.
Best Regards,
Edward Nkanga.


Leah says:

… I’d get too bored stringing these people along :P

Anonymous says:

that’s why you’ll never be rich leah! unlike Nathan. maybe one day Nathan will agree to let you work for him.

Leah says:

lol. Never be rich? Now that depends on who I marry ;P

Haha… and yes I’m kidding… I wouldn’t marry *anyone* for the money :P However, I don’t think I’d want to be working for Nathan anyway. He said I could have his job when he leaves. I don’t think he has the authority to give it to me though :P

What’s the deal with being anonymous anyway? It doesn’t do anything for mundane comments like that. Now, controversial comments, that’s another issue… ;P

Nathan says:

I told Edward that I’m a very busy venture capitalist…

Dear Edward,

Thank you for taking the time to respond and your generous offer to increase my commission. My work as a venture capitalist is keeping me busy today – I have many occupations which I will list for you when time permits. I may even be able to provide some investment suggestions for when you’re establishing your business in my country.

My email address has been slow to register my name change but I’m assured that should happen in the next couple of days.

Yours in faith,


this is his reply:

Thanks for your comprehensive response.
Meanwhile,i thought you would have send the informations i requested from you such as
1.Your full name
2.Your private telephone and fax number
3.Your address
4.Your present occupation
Though you said that your email was slow but please remember to include them in the reply to this mail to enable give you more necessary information regard to this transaction.

I will be very happy if you will really find a good business where where this fund will be invest in your country.
I will be waiting for your urgent response.
Best Regards,
Edward Nkanga


Pete says:

What a laugh.

You could kill two birds with one stone here. Pass the ‘business deal’ on to the whacko American ‘Christians’. So, Fraudmeister poses as a gay-basher needing bail money. Whackos lose money, everyone’s happy. or something.