15 and a half minutes of fame

I may have extended Corey Worthington’s 15 minutes of fame by referencing him in this letter I wrote to The Australian – but then he went and got booked for speeding and made the news by himself. My letter was a response to a stupid piece by Phillip Adams suggesting young people should get to vote because his 16 year old daughter is smarter than the average voter. My letter was edited slightly to fit in the space available so the second bit seems to be a bit of a non sequitur. 

11 thoughts on “15 and a half minutes of fame”

  1. Hmm I read all those.
    If you were the only one who mentioned Corey then I believe my thoughts were something along the lines of ‘…another old fogey bringing up that idiot when he is not at all indicative of the rest of his generation’. Haha.

    1. I thought my point was well made though – because Adams’ daughter is not indicative of the generation either. Arguing based on the exception is always dangerous… I don’t think Corey is actually “exceptional” though – I think he just managed to get some media coverage. He’s very similar to the people of that age I know through church – and if the church teens are like that then the rest of them are probably in the same area of the bell curve.

  2. I will read it again.
    But I agree – for every informed teen there is an idiot.
    But then, the same argument goes for all the 18+ people who wouldn’t have a clue either.
    Never thought I’d say this but I might even be persuaded that non-compulsory voting is the best option.

    1. “Never thought I’d say this but I might even be persuaded that non-compulsory voting is the best option.”

      I agree, that was the point I had planned to make with the second part of my letter to the editor – but I sent it in haste.

      I think you should need to pass a test in the polling booth for your vote to count. Or perhaps votes should be weighted on a three question multiple choice quiz included in the ballot.

  3. You know you are getting old when you start talking like this though.
    ‘Young people today…’

  4. 1. Do you know what an election is?
    2. Do you have a basic idea of how our Government system works?
    3. Do you have any idea who the candidates are and what they stand for?

    4. Do you write letters to the editor?

  5. phew, I pass Amy’s test, but I must confess, at most elections I”m quite certain the candidates are all standing for the same thing, just with a different party backing them.

  6. Most candidates are standing for what will get them re-elected it seems.
    Just can’t get over people who walk in with absolutely no idea, who just vote in order from the top. That scares me.

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