Adventures in TV

We caught Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure last night on the ABC (post Gruen Transfer). It made me laugh until I cried. It’s Safranesque – and produced by the Chaser team.

If you missed it you can watch it here thanks to the magic of iView.

Very funny. I’ll never be able to pick up a copy of the Queensland Presbyterian newspaper, New Directions, again without catching subliminal messages.

One of my favourite bits was when his mum told him what he was doing (trying to track down the object of his grade 3 affections) was creepy.

Here’s the trailer. It uses lego. He’s also a Rubiks Cube master. And used that to get a girl’s phone number. Chicks dig guys with skillz.


Amy says:

Yes, new directions has been forever tainted in my mind…

I didn’t catch it, but it’s on tonight on ABC2.

Nathan says:

It’s certainly worth catching. Even if just for the sleazy pick up artists who coach him in the art of seduction.

Amy says:

The scary part about that is that they probably do quite well selling their little sleazy books and tips.

Very, very wrong.