Church Planting Conference

Dad is speaking at this Moore College conference today. I was surprised to learn that. I thought he was just attending. I only realised that he was speaking because Nigel Fortesque is liveblogging it on Twitter and kept writing things @philcampbell – only, the Phil Campbell on Twitter is not my father. He’ll no doubt be very confused with the series of messages arriving in his Twitter inbox.

That amused me.

The conference looks interesting – and I’ll be following along.


Izaac says:

Was interesting looking through the program considering I was blogging today on what it seems Steve Cree’s talk might be on tomorrow. Mind you, he seems to be using the Bible, whereas I just editorialise (if that’s a word).

Andrew says:

The Conference was full of interesting stories and tidbits from successful churchplanters from Brisbane, Sydney and even Melbourne.

The general vibe was simply one that left you wanting to get out and evangelize because if you’re not doing that, whether you’re in an established church or a new one, then you won’t grow and you’ll never end up planting anyway.

So, number 1 thing on the agenda for ministry = EVANGELISM.

Any surprises there?

Obviously there was other interesting and useful stuff but you’ll need to borrow the DVD/MP3s for that.