Conversational ticks

I have a bad habit of paying too much attention to the annoying idiosyncrasies in people’s conversational patterns. Particularly the use of annoying catchphrases. Like “So I’m there going…”, “Can I just say…”, and “… and things like that”…

It gets to the point where hearing those people use those phrases is like nails on a chalkboard.

EDIT: I should point out that this post related more to my bad habit and the problems it causes than to things people say. I was being self reflective not trying to be judgmental.


Andrew says:

“Can I just say…” has Rudd written all over it. Or do you know someone in person who also overuses it?

Nathan says:

It’s pretty common – but I confess I had others in the cross hairs at that point. It’s be nice to K-Rudd day.

Joel says:

I still haven’t been stimulated. Am I the only one?

Carly says:

No, I haven’t been stimulated yet either Joel… we can be poor together :)

Another catch phrase that’s really annoying is when people say “And I was like..” and then go on to tell a highly entertaining story that involves them dropping a perfectly timed killer one-liner. This in itself is fine, except that the speaker expects you to realise that because they uttered “And I was like” at the start of the sentence, this is in fact a made up scenario that didn’t occur because the speaker wasn’t brave enough to say what they were actually thinking at the time.
Ok.. end rant. Back to my essay.