Look out, look out, there be zombies about

To celebrate the Brisbane Zombie Walk (which happened today) I thought I’d post eleven great zombie things from around the interwebs. But before I begin – the ABC is releasing all its footage and photos of the Zombie Walk into the open source ether through a service called pool.org.au which looks pretty cool.

“ABC is building an online ‘town square’ for all Australians. Pool is a collaborative space where audiences become ‘co-creators’.  It’s a place to share and talk about creative work – music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, animations and more.”

But now. The zombies.

Some people are so scared of the zombie apocalypse they’re preemptively screenprinting their black four wheel drives just so people know who to turn to…

I see trees of green, undead zombies too, I look around and think… well, I’ll leave watching this to you…

Shooting zombies with shotguns is the best way to get rid of them… but to do that you’ll need some target practice. Which is why it’s lucky that this company called law enforcement targets has targets you can use down at the shooting range…

If you want to plot your strategy using Lego men on a model of your city then you’ll need an accurate rendition of your zombie fighting weapons – and BrickArms has you covered.

In the event that zombies are overrunning the planet you might need a deterrent. Give the other zombies the impression that your house is already undead meat and they’ll head next door…

You can use one of these ornaments. Or several.

If zombies do take over the world then you’re going to have to learn how to get ahead in life. Your career in the new zombie world is going to depend on your man-eat-man approach to life. Which is where this book comes in

Churches won’t really be safe in a zompocalypse. Gatherings of people will be too much like a buffet. Decapolis has you sorted with a nice approach to your devotional life…

“During a zombie attack, it’s really easy to be anxious. Zombies want your brain, and you probably would like to keep it for yourself. Yes, you have to think about physical stuff like, “Where’s the shotgun,” and “aim for the head,” but beneath all situations is a spiritual level.

You have to be able to point to something God has actually said if you are to have a real peace.

RO 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Ah! There’s a promise God made. I can point to that verse and go, “Hey, I believe that promise.”

Now think of the things that make you anxious and replace “in all things” with your situation…

And we know that during zombie attacks God works for the good of those who love him.”

This one is gone – but there’ll be a new market for zombie teddy bears and toys – this one sold for $89 on ebay.

And then there’s the matter of wardrobe. These ones come via t-shirt rater.

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Zombies Were People Too

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