On stupid guilt inducing status updates

Dear Christian Facebookers,

If you feel the need to inspire your Christian brothers and sisters to guilt please do so in a fitting and clever manner.

Do not post gut wrenching hallmark inspired guilt trips in your status and encourage other people to do the same.

If you post this:

“is a follower of Christ and proud to say it!! Let’s see how many people on FB aren’t afraid to show their love for God! Repost this as your status. Each time you see this on someone’s status, say a quick prayer for that person!! Lets get God back in this country like He should be!!! If you agree post this in your status update. Just copy and paste.”

I won’t unfriend you. But I will block your statuses from appearing in my news feed, and I will think a little less of you.

Even if it’s just because you used so many exclamation marks.

Mikey has good rules for Facebook Status Updates. Obey them.

UPDATE: There were several instances of this in my feed – this was not directed at anyone in particular – unless you were the culprit who instigated this practice to begin with…


Amy says:

So the status-update version of the chain letter/forward. Lovely.

simone r. says:

yes oh yes oh yes oh yes.

Ben McLaughlin says:

It is times like these that I thank my lucky stars that I am not on Facebook. I don't think I could read that, and not want to go on some sort of violent rampage.

I really loathe horrid little bits like that– I am a Christian and PROUD! Are you?? You should be!!! If not, I'm pretty much better than you"


Laetitia says:

I hate the spiritual blackmail bit you get when people add things like, "remember, Jesus said that he would deny anyone who denies him!"

And Ben, I was seeing this in e-mail – at work – long before fb. So not only was the person adding a spiritual condemnation to a chain letter, they were also expecting you to clog up work and personal inboxes to "prove" that you don't deny Christ.

Wendy says:

I'm with you Laetitia. I tend to either delete those kinds of emails or not go all the way to the end.

simone r says:

Nathan, could you repost this. Maybe on facebook? They're at it again.

simone r says:

Nathan, could you repost this. Maybe on facebook? They're at it again.