On the blacklist

I’m on a blacklist. The Education Queensland blacklist no less. Apparently…

Tim says:

“Just thought i’d let you know your site has been blocked by eq hierachy. Congratulations on making it to the level of facebook and my blog… the question is now what am i gonna do when i should be working…. hmmmm i wonder if stick cricket can be tracked”

Was it something I said?

Now I know a little of what all those nasty sites will feel once the clean feed begins in earnest.

My advice for Tim – and for others in the same boat – is just subscribe to my blog using Google Reader – no school in its right mind will block google. You may have to rename the feed.

Facebook is blocked at my work too – but I get my friend’s status updates via RSS.


Laetitia says:

Umm, why would you be on fb at work anyway? It’s not a business tool for most companies (although there are marketing applications for it).

Nathan says:

I’m not. But we are a marketing company – and somewhat ironically run campaigns on it loosely targetted at people at work.