Phone phonies

Hopefully there’ll be an MP3 player there I had to embed this as a YouTube video – if there’s not, here’s a link to download the phone call that ended my relationship with Dr Paul.

He called me twice more last night, the calls were equally funny and will be posted here soon.


‘because you are a criminal and you don’t have a camera’


simone says:

Hopefully you’ll find a new friend soon.

Nathan says:

The Dr Paul saga gets better before it reaches its conclusion. Wait and see.

Goannatree says:

This is possibly one of the most involved catch the scammer sagas i have seen in a while….it would be more amusing if people weren’t caught by these guys everyday. I am wondering whether this guy things that he might make money out of you still. I never did tell you about the guys who highjacked your facebook account telling me that you were stranded in Manchester…..