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The Internet is big. Remember those posts about what it would look like if you printed wikipedia – or just the featured articles.

Here are some infographics about what it would look like, and take, to print the whole shebang. Probably including my blog. It’s like, totally on the Internet man…

There are a couple more of those here.

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  1. Ali

    Bummer, clearly I wasn’t paying attention in March, and need to conduct more extensive research before any future tenders. But hey, I saw pacman ice cubes recently – have you done those yet? :)

  2. Ali

    Oh, well I actually saw them in a shop in Newtown. I think they were something like Fred & Friends Space Invaders ice cube tray (I am sure you could find it!). The icecube tray that I really quite like, in a macabre sort of way, is the sinking titanic one.

  3. Ali

    Oh, see, I can’t see the pictures here. But probably. I give up! (Though maybe I have a new challenge, to find something that has never been posted before …)

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