Sign language: Friend request

Some church signs – like the famous St Barneys sign (that prompted a tit for tat with a pub) – start discussions amongst people, which I am sure they’re meant to do.

Some are stupid and do the church (locally and universally) a disservice.

I remember around election time in Brisbane a few years ago a church had “give to God what is right not what is left”.

Sadly I can’t tell if I like these or not – what say you readers?

From here.


I don’t hate it, but just the concept of ‘friend’ seems so small and lame in describing Jesus

Kutz says:

I like it, in a "I'm glad I saw it but I'm not sure if I'd want it associated with any ministry I'm involved in" kinda way.

Carly says:

Perhaps I'm too critical, but it just seems a little bit too 'try hard' to me. I assume that these types of signs are supposed to appeal to the 'youth of today', which is fine.. but I think that a lot of non-Christian young people would see it as a lame attempt to be 'cool' and 'hip'. Cool people probably don't use the word 'hip' anymore, which probably negates my argument, but you know what I mean.