Social networking

Being a marketer at heart my approach to “social networking” (outside of this blog) is pretty much to relentlessly promote things. To me Facebook and Twitter are pretty much marketing vehicles – though I do read my friends status updates and click their links – because I think that if I expect people to do that for me I should pay others the same courtesy. I will also comment on things that interest me, and chat to people. I’m not completely soulless. But still, I unabashedly use my status to direct people here.

You may have noticed. If you’re my friend on Facebook, or following me on Twitter. 9 out of 10 of my status updates or posts are a shameless piece of self promotion. This is mostly because I see my blog as my most substantive and relationally focused web presence – and because I like the idea of people hanging out on my blog and discussing things – like Christian music – I put a lot more time and effort into this blog than anywhere else online (excluding Tetris on Facebook). The shameless self promotion thing works. Here’s a graphic of visitors to this site and the correlation with posting links…