The chips are down

I have made passing reference to the fact that I engage in a series of emailed conversations with my friends Ben, Paul and James. These conversations keep me sane. James was the guy who looked like the guy who eats scorpions – although if like me your workplace blocks Facebook there’s only one photo in that post so you’ll just have to picture him as that guy with the scorpions. Ben has been written about so many times that his name appears as one of the most used tags on this site. Paul, well, you don’t want to see a photo of Paul or have me talk much about him. Lets just call him a man of mystery.

Anyway, today’s discussions rest on potato chips – well that and the infinitely more painful subject of how cool iPhones are. That’s painful for me. I don’t have one. More specifically we’re discussing the superior brand and variety of potato chip.

Based solely on brand and not taking flavour into account my list is as follows*:

1. Pringles
2. Tasty Jacks
3. Red Rock Deli
4. Kettles
5. Smiths crinkle cut

*Potato chips only – doritos and CCs are a different category entirely.

Any advances on this list? Favourite flavours that I should consider in expanding the list to include finer details?


Leah says:

My favourite is Smiths Thins, followed by Smiths Crinkle Cut. Tasty Jacks and Pringles are ok, but I don’t like Red Rock Deli, and not a big fan of Kettles either.

I also couldn’t care less that Samboy is back :P

Carly says:

Come on Leah! Kettle and Red Rock Deli are awesome!! They are probably my two favourites… I was never really into Samboy either though….

Leah says:

I don’t mind Kettles, it just doesn’t make my ‘favourites’ list. Same with Samboy.

I don’t think I’ve ever found a Red Rock Deli that I liked.