They call him Dr Paul

It’s pretty lame when you have to reference a They Might Be Giants song to come up with a title… but what can you do. Two last phone calls from Dr Paul – more emails will be posted tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “They call him Dr Paul”

  1. Nathan, this is hilarious, particularly #3. Not a very effective crime fighting method, but I can fully understand the attraction.

    When Phil E had his FB hacked and they tried that chat scam on me, which was a hoot, but this even better.

    Sound quality of Dr Acquah is pretty poor though, is it skype/iphone/ or landline you’re using and what are you doing to record?

  2. I use my iPhone’s “voice memo” tool to record the loudspeaker of my other phone. There’s not much I can do about sound quality, I’ve tinkered around with it in audacity to get it to the point where he’s almost understandable. But he has a very thick accent and talks pretty fast and there’s not much I can do about that.

  3. In the “how geeky are you” stakes — for future calls you could set up a skype account for the email you’re using (or another voip/softphone combo) and use the record function.

    Or even geekier, use a linux server with Asterisk (Open Source PBX) and route your call through that – you can get this in pre-fab “trixbox”

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