Things I use

I’ve been thinking about producing a couple of series of posts in a more didactic vein than my regular profiles of useless gadgets, my rants on general stupidity and my list of links of things I’ve read using Google Reader. 

So I’m planning some regular features – maybe weekly – on useful tools, software, blogs I subscribe to – things that might be helpful for my regular readers or mini tutorials that will be helpful for me to revisit at some stage in the future.

I’m also planning a bit of a series on coffee – on the essentials for making cafe quality (and that is a little bit of a lose description) coffee at home. You don’t need an extreme set up like mine, the basics are actually surprisingly cheap and easy. 

I’ll put these posts in their own category and probably link to them permanently from the side bar of this blog and will maybe even create stand alone pages at the top where you’ll currently see already existing pages on who I am, my coffee set up, and our New Zealand holiday.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t exactly know, I just thought it would be a good way to introduce what will possibly be something useful I can contribute to your life.