Young Socialists United

Barnaby Joyce is a funny guy. Most of the time. Like today. He told this seriously funny joke about the proposal to reintroduce compulsory uni fees… he’s fine with it. Provided the universities can only spend the money on sport. Because heaven forbid anybody on university campuses being politically aware. Perhaps, just perhaps, he should talk to Peter Costello and others on his side of the fence who had their political appetite’s whetted by campus activism.

Here’s his problem with the current proposal:

“There’s nothing to stop those with a political bent setting up a club or setting up an institution and using that as a mechanism of sorts for ciphering funds to themselves,” he said.

Being opposed to the “ciphering of funds” for political purposes is one thing – but his objections simply create a loophole where every politically motivated student on campus will either start, or join, a team of like minded individuals in one of these new fangled sporting teams.

The best bit about that will be when young Labor play the young libs on the football field. It’ll be like the Cripps and the Bloods all over again.