A late launch

Have you been wondering why the Labor party is launching its campaign today – less than a week out from the election? I know I have. Now I know, and it makes me grumpy.

…a loophole in Department of Finance policy means the sizeable daily travel allowances for politicians and staffers are paid out of the public purse until the day of the respective political parties’ campaign launch.

The Liberal Party and the Nationals have been carrying their own costs for a week and will ultimately be financially responsible for nine days of the 33-day campaign.

However, the ALP will continue to have public funding until the conclusion of tomorrow’s ”official” campaign launch in Brisbane, leaving Labor with just five days to pay for.

Minor parties have never looked more attractive to me.


Amy says:

Minor parties might look attractive, but wait until you read some of the policies (or lack of). I have just read through the party lines of all 60 Qld senate options and it is some scary, scary reading, let me tell you.

(You can find them all here: https://www.belowtheline.org.au if you are interested).

Can’t see either of the major parties pledging to remove that little loophole though.