Can’t find your Bible – now you have an excuse

Finding time to read the Bible just for reading the Bible’s sake can be tough. Especially with so much good stuff on TV. But if you’ve ever wanted an excuse not to read the Bible… I’ve got your back. Get one of these camouflage outdoor Bibles. Throw out all your others. Then leave it sitting somewhere in the great outdoors – and you’ll never find it again.

The blurb:

We carry the most popular camouflage Bibles on the market today. Ever been on a tree stand, or a mountain top or stream and wished you had you Bible along for meditation? Makes a perfect gift for the Christian Outdoorsman.

Need proof that this is an essential item to add to your Bear Grylls (who really is just that travel writer from Black Books) inspired adventures. Here’s video of someone reading one in the Amazon (the world famous rainforest not the online bookstore).

The Outdoor Bible in the Amazon from Bardin & Marsee on Vimeo.

If you haven’t clicked the link – you should – it’s to a site called “The Christian Outdoorsman“. It sells quality “Jesus Junk” for the nature lover/hunter.

You can even get this shirt that uses a proof text about Deers panting for water to somehow justify hunting…

Alternatively, if you do want to read the Bible – get it on your iPhone. Nobody in their right mind loses an iPhone.


queenstuss says:

I want that Bible so that I can clean it easy when I spill coffee or breakfast on it.

And i want all my recipe books made out of that stuff. That's awesome.

Leah says:

Bear Grylls annoys me… he's an idiot. He does more things that would get him killed than help him survive.

Nathan says:

For those reading along at home – it turns out that Bear Grylls is a Christian – so he probably owns one of those outdoor Bibles.

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