How to choose what beer to drink

Do you know your lagers from your pilsners? If not, this chart will be really helpful – if so – you probably know what sort of beer you want to drink and may have even dabbled with matching different beers to different meals.

I am constantly appalled that Fosters is Australia’s most famous beer export. Does anybody actually drink it in Australia? And for those who think Jesus drank non-alcoholic wine – here’s a soft drink flow chart.

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  1. I know – for some reason Fosters is really popular in the UK, who knows why. Shame that's mainly about American brews. I prefer the British Ales. The guys from our London bible study group did a road trip to a monastery in Belgium where they make 12% beer, but I couldn't go. I tried one they brought back, just incredible. The local Weißbier is pretty good too. What is the difference between pilsner and lager? Wikipedia to the rescue!

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