In praise of hot wives

Dear person who writes their online profiles mindful that your wife reads it,

We get it. You love your wife. You think she’s hot. That’s why you got married.

The rest of us may be inclined to disagree. We may believe that our own wife is hotter.

The fact that you need to reassure yourself that your wife is hot is great. But it comes across as, umm, a bit overstated.


You might be wondering why I’m posting this. Well, I was trawling the archives of the Stuff Christian Culture Likes and came across this post. It’s one of my favourites.

Here’s Stephy’s take:

Fortunately, Christian hotness standards are not quite the same as conventional (secular) hotness standards. Value is supposed to be placed on the person rather than on appearance. Even so, hotness is still a valuable commodity even in Christian culture. The public declaration of a spouse’s hotness is a lovely gesture, but can become disquieting when expressed so frequently and fervently. It can begin to sound as if they are trying to convince themselves of something. Could thou protest too much?

My absolute favourite part though, and the part that makes this utterly postworthy, is if you do a bit of a phrase search on Twitter (I can’t guarantee that the results you get will be the same and/or safe for work/your holiness) you get a bunch of people talking about their hot wives. And a startling percentage are Christians. From my quick profile check of the people at this link I would say that close to 80% of the people using the phrase on Twitter either define themselves as Christians in their little description or tweet regularly about the Bible.

How odd.

For the record, I think my wife is hot – but seriously – I don’t need to tell you that.


simone r says:

I don't read such status updates as being directed towards the spouse so much as directed towards the xn community. To me they seem a way of saying 'look everyone. I'm a fantastic husband.' If your wife isn't hot by regular standards, you get points for godliness in loving her anyway, If she is and everyone else can see it too, you are gloating. Neither is good. I put this in the same basket as telling us you're taking your kid on a daddy date.

Just don't do it. It makes me think horrible thoughts about you.

Ali says:

I am going to back you on this one, because, well, I have never done it. ;) So, agreed.

Al Bain says:

I blame Driscoll.

So anyway, I’m taking little e on a daddy date. Should be nice. My beautiful, gorgeous, hot, amazing wife can then have some time out.

Just fyi.

simone r says:

thanks for that ben.

I did the twitter search. Got 60% as clearly Xn. Most of those 60% in ministry.

Andrew says:

I blame Ignatius.

stephy says:

Speaking of Driscoll, have you seen this?
My recent post #119 The Duggar family

The question is: Why are they posting it?
My recent post My new band

Nathan says:

Methinks they doth protesteth too much.

Andrew says:

I think it's a self-conscious attempt to look cool in front of non-Christian 'lads'.

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aaran says:

I don’t have a hot wife yet (only because I’m not married) so at the moment this is my favourite from Stuff Christian Culture Likes is;

Amy says:

I've worked out why this bothers me so much.

'I have a hot wife' is nothing to do with you complimenting your wife, and everything to do with complimenting yourself for being so fantastic/lucky/super manly for having a 'hot wife'.

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peter y says:

this is possibly the funniest thing on your website nathan