Mark Driscoll ruined Facebook

I thoroughly enjoy Mark Driscoll’s ministry. I once flew 1600km to Brisbane to see him (when I lived in Townsville). I’ve downloaded plenty of sermons, and I subscribe to both his blog and the Resurgence blog that duplicates his posts. For a while the phrase “Mark Driscoll Fanboy” has returned my site in the first page of results on Google. In short, I am well qualified to make this assessment.

Mark Driscoll ruined Facebook. For everybody. John Piper may have ruined Twitter with his unabashed holiness – Mark Driscoll has ruined Facebook with his unabashed all round awesomeness – there isn’t an area of life that Mark Driscoll isn’t better than you at, nor one that he is not qualified to give you advice in. He is, of course, the model preacher, husband, father and man. Here are some of his status updates – each prompting an almost frenzied response from his legion of fans.

The Preacher

Mark Driscoll prepares his sermons in less than two hours while watching TV.

The Husband

The Father

His children are more perfect (in every way) than yours.

The Man

He goes to hardware stores. Like real men do…

He’s funnier than you. Even in puerile ways.

And you’ve got to wonder how often his status updates – that go to more than 50,000 fans – are “targeted”…

If you can’t read any of the text in those images click through to them on Picasa – these are all recent status updates from Pastor Mark’s fanpage.

Are you feeling inadequate?

31 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll ruined Facebook”

  1. I don't care how awesome someone is, unsolicited advice always annoys me.
    But maybe if you are someone's fan it isn't really unsolicited?
    I don't think I could follow someone who dished out this much advice.

  2. Man, people's blogs are bad enough for inferiority complexes, now facebook too? Glad I don't look at it.

  3. Driscoll sounds like the dude at school with short man, or "small man" complex…
    He never makes me feel inadequate. Heck I don't find him particularly convicting or compelling. Hope he doesn't pop a vein with all that self-exertion.
    I'm going back to the couch to ignore my wife and kid, and not plan our holidays…and think very little of this week's sermon.

  4. I think it's somewhat cultural – my American friends' updates are generally much more positive than my Australian friends' updates.
    The bald-eagle one, though, that could have been Lark News stuff.

  5. To tell you the truth, I used to come here all the time (right after the twitter / john piper thing), then I stopped using Firefox (because i’m dumb) which had you bookmarked. THEN, I got a new PC, reloaded firefox and saw you in my bookmarks.
    It all worked out in the end.
    Like the site though. Good work.

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  7. In fact, searching ‘mark driscoll fanboy’ in google still returns your blog at the top of the list.

  8. This did make me laugh (and show my husband), but unless Driscoll’s privacy settings are non-existent, it’s probably not a great idea to publish screen captures of his updates…

    1. Nathan Campbell

      His privacy settings are non-existent. It’s from his fan page – so I consider it public record.

    1. Nathan Campbell

      It is good to be mindful of that sort of stuff though – so thanks for the reminder.

      I do often consider taking this post down, because I’m not sure how helpful it is – and I do actually really appreciate 90% of the stuff Driscoll does. But then I look at his wall, and read his tweets and think, no, there’s something unhealthy about the personality cult that’s developing around him.

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