Lest we forget: Kevin Rudd wasn’t very popular last time round

K-Rudd looks set to have another tilt at the lodge. Which, for non-Australians, is where the Prime Minister of Australia lives.

I’d rather the Labor party just install Bill Shorten. He seems eloquent and clever. Or Tanya Plibersek. I think I’d consider voting Labor if there was a Shorten/Plibersek ticket.

K-Rudd was a control freak, and just as power hungry as Gillard. And he eats ear wax… it’s the result of some bizarre hagiographic redaction, and the sour taste his public knifing left in our mouth, that gives him his position in the polls. Partly I think the electorate relishes the chance to turf him out democratically.

J-Gill is just awful. A political experiment gone wrong. She can’t get anything right, and clearly moves in whatever direction is popular on the issues she doesn’t care about – so she’s strong on climate change and education, but is about to change her position on the definition of marriage (if the papers today are anything to go by).

Here’s what I think he should do when he inevitably loses his challenge next week, or whenever it happens. Instead of moving to the backbenches, he should move to the cross benches, with whatever Labor supporters feel strongly enough about ousting Gillard. He should do a Katter, and start his own party. And he should trigger a double dissolution. Leave the party in a huff. And write his memoirs.

He can’t win from here. His party hates him. He doesn’t seem to have the requisite support. If he resigns his seat there’s every chance the power grabbers in the Labor party will find some way to hold on in a messy hung parliament. So crossing the floor seems like his best option for making waves for Julia, who he clearly dislikes.

The other mob across the floor aren’t much better, Tony Abbott is a walking cliche/soundbite/bad visual pun. We should probably just draft Peter Costello or Paul Keating back into the top job. At least those guys had a bit of character and some sense of an ideology beyond the endless pursuit of staying in power and beating the other guys.

That is all.

5 thoughts on “Lest we forget: Kevin Rudd wasn’t very popular last time round”

    1. I do respect Turnbull. I can’t think of many current pollies who I’d like to have representing our country (or state). Sad really.

  1. “the sour taste his public knifing left in our mouth”

    whereas it was the ear wax that left it in Kev’s..

  2. I think you are giving the Australian public too much credit. They love him. They hate her. For better or worse every moron is required to vote, and they are voting in a popularity contest. As ever, perception is far greater than reality and KRudd manages his perception infinitely better that Gillard or Abbot (earwax notwithstanding).

    I also think if the Labor part stay true to form (i.e. utterly and completely poll driven) he may well be PM by Monday…

    They hate him, but they fear the polls more.

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