Introducing “Resources”: Some content housekeeping

I’ve been working at pulling together some streams of content and sporadic bursts of related content into something that is less “blog” and more “website”…

So I’ve gathered together a few streams of resources, and you can find a nice little drop down menu on the top of the page.

I’ve got:

I’ll be updating these over time, but hopefully this will provide a better return on investment for me content production wise, and be of cal

Where to find “good” theological articles

I’m sure this won’t be new to most of my enlightened readers – but if you’re a Bible College student sick of wading through the quagmire of liberal or critical scholarship to find a position you agree with… try Monergism’s Directory of Theology. It has a bunch of good stuff to read, including reprints of journal articles from your favourite non-heretical scholars… Monergism also has a bunch of lectures and sermons from interesting people.

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