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Segway Jousting

Sure. This might be a lotto advert. But it’s a grand lotto advert.

What do you call a segway with one wheel?*

It has been some time since my last Segway post. My name is Nathan Campbell and I’m a gyroscopaholic.

This one only has one wheel. And is slimlined.

Nice. Though I have about zero percent chance of successfully riding one.

Via Cool Hunting

* These guys called it a solowheel. Boring.

Segway proto-prototype

I used to ride one of these around Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall (I was a gopher for a law firm). I didn’t have a helment.

Via Bits and Pieces and 22 Words.

Christmas Wishlist: Sportscar Segway

This one’s from Flickr – and is (fictionally or otherwise) scheduled for release in 2035 with a pricetag of $500,000.

Start saving.

At only 1077 pounds with the new S260 supercharged engine, the 0-60 time is only 2.02 seconds. The steering wheel, brakes and gas pedal have been replaced with a “T” handle. Lotus has upped the Track Pack to handle up to 3G turns. With a top speed of 188 miles per hour, you’ll zip past the other traffic, trains and some small planes on the way to work.

Christmas Wishlist: A hovercraft

You can buy me this for $14,000. You’d have to really love me. Which you do. Right?

It’s a slightly more awesome Segway.

Hovercrafts are not just very unique and unusual gifts, they are actually available. They only require gasoline and will transport you at approximately 15 mph. Operate them over concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas, but you cannot hover over water, sand, stones or dirt-filled areas due to the bottomside vacuum.

4WD Segway

The real reason Segways haven’t taken the world by storm (despite having awesome brand placement on shows like Arrested Development) is that they’re not really all terrain personal transportation devices.

Here’s a handy solution.

One point post

If you have two unrelated points and you can’t think of a way to link them then you don’t have a segue, right? There goes your career on current affairs television…

If you have a one wheeled gyroscope you also don’t have a segway – you’ve got half a Segway, or an Orbis.

Political segway

When Dick Cheney wasn’t busy being awesome shooting his friends on hunting trips he was being awesome riding a segway.

iWalk with iShoes

Marketing a new product these days is just a matter of sticking an “i” in front of the function it performs or the noun that best describes it. And yes uneducated grammar nazis nouns can be descriptive – and in fact should be, it’ll cut down on your crap adjective use. Anyway, I digress. I give you, via the magic of the Internet, the iShoe. Footwear for the iGen. Or personal transport for the iGen – because lets face it – Segways are so Gen Y.

These iShoes will set you back $US250 – but that’s ok – they’re “a step towards the future”…

Here they are in action.

Not convinced? The guys who made them thought of everything – here’s the faq.

Extreme Segway

Segways are our future. So it’s great to know that in the future there’ll still be something like Motocross for bogans to enjoy.

Speaking of Motocross reminds me of an old motorbike racing game Paul (best man at my wedding – currently in South America and occasional reader) and I bought once where you could design your own awesome tracks and win money to upgrade your bikes… it was awesome.

Anyway, I found this at Gizmodo.

Segway Supercross!

Eurovisions of grandeur

What do you get when you cross Eurovision rehearsals and some awesome Segway moves? This post. That’s what.

Do you dare?

Another day, another lame segway rip off. This one’s for kids. The Dareway.

And according to this YouTube ad (you’ll have to click the post title to get it – they don’t come up in the sidebar) you’ll end up being a junior character from the Matrix – complete with leather trenchcoat.

Found here.


I don’t get really excited about lightsabers, generally speaking, but we all know I like a good segway story. So a story about a bunch of guys who learned to fight with lightsabers while riding segways seemed perfect post fodder.

Here’s the video (which won’t appear in the sidebar (I don’t think)). Found here.

Lame segway

Why buy a pedal powered scooter when you can build a pedal powered segway?


Segways are our future. Gyroscopes will take over the world – South Park said so. The problem with Segways is that production is expensive – largely due to the inbuilt technology.

But now – the dream is attainable. A pedal powered segway, the legway, has been designed – and the instructions are here for the whole world to see.