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  • #593. Being a Christian Culture Snob

  • Literals

  • Use Wolfram Alpha as a Writing Tool [Writing]
    “If you’ve ever been stuck trying to fill out a trio of words ending in “ation,” looking for the transliteration of a foreign script, finding proper pronunciation or hyphenation, or other nerdy word tasks, Wolfram Alpha can often pull off the job with a few key words. Enter word before your term to get an overview of what Wolfram knows about a phrase, or words starting with or words ending with to fit a certain phrase into your text.”

  • 50 Fresh Portfolio Websites for Your Inspiration

  • A coin flip isn#39;t random
    Yet recent research into coin flips has discovered that the laws of mechanics determine the outcome of coin tosses: The startling finding is that they aren’t random. Instead, for natural flips, the chance of a coin landing in the same position as it started is about 51 percent. Heads facing up predicts heads; tails predicts tails.

  • From the interwebs part 2

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