Election Scorecard: Labor’s attack ads

The Labor Party is telling us we can’t trust Springborg because a couple of months ago he said the current economic climate was not like the Great Depression. That it was different. 

The ad runs a bunch of clips from world leaders (Obama, Rudd, and Brown) telling us what a crisis this is, and comparing the situation with the Great Depression. 

So, was Springborg wrong for saying it’s not? No.

Here’s the thing. A lot of the problems we’re currently facing are caused by a crisis of confidence. Obama’s address to congress last week was optimistic. Politicians should be talking up the economy. We all know what happened when Wayne Swan said the inflation genie was out of the bottle. 

It’s perfectly reasonable for a politician to be optimistic, or positive. Particularly when they’re in opposition. That’s their job. 

The other thing is – the representatives featured in the ad are all from the left – the same side as Labor. The fact that Springborg disagrees with these people should be expected – and possibly applauded. 

Labor at a state level hasn’t really learned the power of a positive campaign – and the cost of a negative campaign – even after Obama’s victory, and Rudd’s, the electorate is sick of smear campaigns. We want to know what you offer – not what the other guys do. 

The ads look nice though. Black is the new black for election advertising. 

Grade: D+


Amy says:

I think Springborg is a repeat offender at this. The other day he said that the global financial crisis wasn’t relevant to Queensland’s current situation. Right before a mining company laid off another couple of thousand workers. Went down a treat.

I know (or I think I know) what he was trying to say (ie that we shouldn’t be looking at this vote as being all about the financial crisis and maybe, perhaps, about health and water and other things) but he just seems to eat shoe leather every time he opens his mouth.

I am assured he is a lovely person, I am just not sure that he should be running a party. Much the same can be said of all the others, however.

Nathan says:

Latest polls show he’s edging ahead though. Debt as a campaign platform (being against it) works. Unless you’re the Coalition seeking another term at a Federal level.

Perhaps it’s just the “time for change”…

Amy says:

That is time for a change is probably more of a factor to most people. But we shall see.

Frankly, I think they are all awful but I am very worried about Springborg’s flagging of a possible moratorium on job replacements (ie if someone leaves a job in the public sector, they won’t be replaced). This just makes it almost impossible for us (ie the public service) to deliver what we are required by legislation to deliver. And you can be quite sure that it is only ever the temps and the contractors and the lower down people who are shaved, and the middle-management glut stays put.