Stimulating questions

Has anybody out there received their stimulus money yet? I’m curious. Townsville readers probably haven’t – but I’m wondering what percentage of people have.

Apparently the Government is essentially casting lots to determine who gets paid when.

All cheque and EFT payments will be made using a post code selection process that is randomly generated, ensuring all post codes are evenly distributed to each state and territory each night (using the Australia Post predetermined percentage spread).

So, are any of you punks feeling lucky?

Have any of you done the morally, socially and theologically responsible thing and spent it? Or is it going in the bank?

7 thoughts on “Stimulating questions”

  1. Haven’t got ours – in fact, no-one I have talked to has got it. So maybe it is really a myth.

    The intention wasn’t to spend it but dogs requiring urgent vet attention and trees requiring cutting down to make the solar work properly mean it got pre-spent anyway. At least that means it is truly going into the local economy like it was supposed to.

  2. We already have the part that goes to single-income families, which I used to pay for our new shed. But not really, it just meant I didn’t have to get the money from another account.

    But, ironically, we are using part of ours to pay for insulation, because our roof is too big for the amount Mr Rudd is contributing.

  3. I was interested in that – can you actually insulate a ‘normal’ house for the rebate Rudd is offering? Or was it always going to end up costing more to do it properly.

    Same as you couldn’t get a rebate solar system that actually offsets your entire usage, you have to pay extra…

  4. You can. Our house is 144 square metres (exluding garage and patios, because they’re not included in the rebate), which I think is about the average house size in Australia. We’re getting polyester insulation, and will cost about $2100. But we could have got fiberglass, and that would only be about $1500.

  5. I got it! And I went out and bought an iPod. Was hard spending it for the country, but someone has to do it.

    For some ridiculous reason, you blog comments always tell me I am not a member of my own blog, when I go to sign into google or something. So, anyway, I shall disown my blog.

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