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Incredible Apple

Apple launched some good stuff this week. Like iTunes 9. And new iPods, with cameras. But don’t let me tell you how good they are. Let them – at their launch…

Someone needs a speechwriter…

So that’s how these things work

I’ve wondered what it is that makes Macs cool. I think it might be that they’re powered by guinea pigs.

I’m not sure how they fit them into the laptops…

Actually, this makeshift animal cage is pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to turn an old TV into a fish bowl. But it’s really dangerous. There are things in old cathode ray TVs that can kill you. Apparently. Anyway, kudos to Ali who worked valiantly to find something on the internet that I hadn’t posted before…

Nine iPhone apps I like

  1. Google’s App – for the voice search.
  2. Commbank – for my banking.
  3. WordPress – for blogging
  4. AroundMe – for seeing what sort of businesses are nearby
  5. Bang Bang Diet – for my weightloss competition (a race to lose 8% of total body weight) with my wife.
  6. Checkers – I like Checkers.
  7. iSniper – the first game I downloaded that made me really appreciate the iPhone.
  8. StickWars – another fun game.
  9. The complete works of Shakespeare – because you need the bard.

For a bonus – here are some other apps I don’t use as much as I should, but would like to use more.

  1. Epicurious – recipe/shopping list generator.
  2. GVocab – Greek flashcard program.
  3. Facebook – I still prefer using the computer.
  4. YouVersion’s Bible software
  5. Tap Tap Revenge – Guitar Hero for the iPhone.
  6. Evernote – If only I could be bothered…
  7. iDork – kind of fun game.

Anything you think I really need?

Big Macs

So Robyn has had her Mac for a while now. She was very excited when it arrived.

Well, today mine arrived…

It’s beautiful.

It’s very nice.

An Apple a Day…

Recently I purchased my first Mac. I quickly discovered that the Mac vs PC discussion is a touchy subject for some people and found it very ironic when a heated debate arose on my facebook wall.


I purchased a Mac because they have the reputation of working. Everytime. I don’t care that you can’t play games on a Mac as well as you can on a PC. I don’t care that you can’t watch movies to a high standard. I don’t even like playing computer games or watching movies. I don’t even care that you can’t customise it. I don’t even know how to customise computers, and, after watching my husband “improve” his PC, I wouldn’t want him to even try and customise my Mac. All I want to do is turn on my computer, use the internet, word process and then get on with my merry life without having to spend half of the day encountering problems. If I have to pay a little more for this reliability, then it’s money well spent in my opinion.



I should say here that the intention of this post is not to highlight the validity of my purchase. Neither is it weigh into the debate on Mac vs PC. If you want to have that debate at the end of this post go ahead, just don’t expect me to join in. I actually just want to relay this morning’s computer related events that I found vaguely amusing.



Having awoken to a beautiful winter Townsville morning, I decided to try and chat to my parents via Google chat. Unfortunately they were having technology issues at their end (they’re PC people) so the conversation didn’t take place. Throughout this time, Nathan had been on the upstairs desktop (PC) for well over three hours, trying to get a sermon written and some other pieces of work done. Every 3-4 minutes he popped down to see me while his computer restarted. Apparently he was having  some troubles. What can I say, he has a PC. Lunchtime rolled by and he joined me for some Indian curry before returning to the computer to try and get some work done. It was about this time that I stared to hear banging coming from upstairs. Things were not going so well. Graciously I offered to let him use my Mac so he could get the work done. He told me that he’d been intending to do this all morning, if only he could retrieve the work he’d started on the PC. I don’t know about you, but spending roughly four hours trying to open a document seems a little unproductive.



It’s now about an hour after the banging stopped and I haven’t seen or heard from him in awhile. I don’t know if this means the computer is working or if he’s found a book to read. Most likely the latter.

It’s Mac Time

Robyn and  I have created quite the furore on Facebook by announcing our conversion to the cult of Mac.

I’m a long time PC apologist, meaning I have defended the humble personal computer’s virtues against the ravages of Apple’s sleek and appealing curves for years.

Pride comes before a fall.

When it comes to anything smaller than the desktop computer (where I think I’ll always appreciate the freedom to get under the hood) Macs are superior. There’s no denying it. They just work better.

That’s my reasoning – you can tell me I’m wrong here – or on Facebook.


Core business

I couldn’t think of an Apple pun better than that. Sorry. 

Marketing expert Martin Lindstrom has released Buyology, a book on modern marketing, covering the results from a study onto response to common marketing methodologies and global brands. 

The findings, featured in The Australian, suggest that sex no longer sells. And that Apple is probably a cult. But we all knew that. 

They found an enormous correlation between a powerful religion and a powerful brand. Precient points are:

“In a world where religion in many societies has begun fading away, brands have begun to take over the role of belief. We as human beings need something to believe in and brands have become almost mini-religions,” 

“Think Apple, they have their own ‘temple’: their flagship store; their own religious leader: Steve Jobs; their own cross: the Apple logo; their own rituals (hundreds — just ask an Apple fan); their own enemy (Microsoft) … you name it.”

“These days sex isn’t as mysterious any more as it is everywhere, so that’s the reason why sex doesn’t sell.”